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Custom Applications

Below are examples of custom solutions developed for our clients. Generally, a connection will be made to an ODBC data source (such as Timberline) and retrieve or feed core company data (i.e. employees, jobs, etc.) This ensures that data is synchronized and consistent. Click the image to the left of the application to see a larger screen shot.

Project_equipInv-SmEquipment Inventory
This application tracks inventory for equipment and supplies used by employees on the job.  Employees receive a progressive discount as they move up in skill level.  Statements are produced to show what an employee owes, and the amount is deducted from their paycheck.



Project_BidMgmt-SmBid Management
This application shows an application that manages bids throughout their lifecycle. When a bid is won, it creates the job record in Timberline and sets up the estimate as well. This application is also used for managing other work related to the bid process.


Project_ContractMgmt-SmContract Management
This is a proprietary application we are working on with a partner – it is currently in pilot and due to be released in the second quarter of 2013 - targeted for contract and WIP management in the construction industry.


Project_EmploySafety-SmEmployee Safety Training Tracking
This program tracks training, certifications and violations for workers in the construction industry. The employee data comes from Timberline and is always in sync – as changes are made in Timberline they feed to the training application.


out-of-box-thinkingOut of the Box Solution – Not the typical request
A client needed to have video files renamed according to the project for which they were generated.  Previously, this was a time-consuming, manual process.   The solution we created reads a list of video files from a USB drive, retrieves information from a video recording application, and uses the information to rename the files.  Custom reports are generated, noting details on the files and highlighting issues with the initial recording, as well as other information per the clients’ request.  The amount of time they save is measured in days per project, and further value is added by being able to run more than one project at a time, limited only to the number of USB drives connected.


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