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Harmony Software began with the understanding that most enterprise software packages will fall short of meeting certain mission-critical processes, due to the inherent conflict between a company’s unique needs and a one-size-fits-all design structure.  However complex or “customizable” the solution may be, there will inevitably be gaps.

Many businesses have niche-specific processes of which are poorly accounted for in these systems, or the original solution may not have been configured optimally to meet their needs. The result is that companies are forced to make do with what they have or create other processes- often laborious and manual in nature- to make up for these shortcomings.

Our goal is to reduce or eliminate these inefficient workarounds.  In some cases, the solution is to re-engineer or upgrade your existing systems, to take full advantage of the functionality they can provide.  In other situations, a custom interface may be the solution, to give you better visibility of critical data and allow better, more proactive business decision-making.  Our experience and expert knowledge of workflow processes allows us to guide you in the best way to bring a better return on your (often sizeable) investment in these systems.


Manny Falaguerra - Application Design

Manny has over 25 years’ experience in business process reengineering, software design, implementation and system integration, with a focus on relational database theory, Microsoft Access, MS SQL, ODBC and a variety of reporting tools. Utilizing ODBC compliant data access, Manny has built several dozen custom interface applications to integrate with enterprise solutions from companies such as ADP, Sage, Kronos, Paycor and others. Other accomplishments include creating custom utilities using Excel, Outlook and Word for integrating and streamlining daily processing of information within an organization. He designs and builds solutions that consider both the technical and interpersonal dynamics that can influence a project, keeping both the end user and the overall impact to organization in mind.

Vicki Falaguerra - System Implementation/Optimization

Vicki has 15 years’ experience in software implementation and project management, with a focus on HR, Payroll, and Time and Attendance Systems. Specialties include Kronos Workforce Central and multiple ADP products including Workforce Now, Enterprise eTIME, EV5, PayExpert, HR/B, and PCPW. Vicki is a “hands on” person, working side by side with clients as they implement process and systems improvements, helping manage both the practical, tactical aspects as well as the cultural implications of change. She is an expert at understanding the varying needs of project stakeholders, fostering communication and cooperation, and ensuring that systems are configured to meet the needs of diverse audiences. Vicki has certifications in Project Management (PMP), Human Resources (SPHR) and Payroll (CPP).


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