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Harmony Software Solutions


Consulting Services & Data Management

At Harmony Software Solutions, we provide professional services and quality data management solutions to implement cost-saving changes while increasing productivity.

Consulting Services
We provide business process analysis and optimization, project management, and system implementation and optimization.

We can help you identify bottlenecks in your systems and workflow process, and recommend or create a solution. In addition, if you have a Kronos or ADP Enterprise eTIME system, there is a very good chance it could use a tune up.

The best time to call us is when you’re thinking of making a change to a crucial software system or implementing a new one altogether. There are many ways the project can go astray, and knowing what to expect will help prevent angst down the road.  We can help you avoid pitfalls and have a smooth and successful project.

Data Management
Most data is locked in enterprise systems and is often difficult to extract and integrate with other systems.  Without integration, companies struggle to construct a complete picture regarding the efficiency of operations and successful management of the projects, products or services they provide.

Custom interface applications provide access to information that would otherwise be kept in Excel or even non-technical methods such as index cards, paper lists etc.

With custom applications, reporting and retrieval of information is greatly enhanced. Information is more accurate and reliable, achieved with a user interface designed specifically to improve data entry and output.

Custom applications save time by consolidating data for easier access and centralized reporting. We can help you track and make better use of crucial business data such as HR information, employee labor, and job cost management, to name a few.  Interface your custom application with enterprise systems for even greater efficiency and accuracy.

Systems we have worked with include:

  • ADP payroll and HR products
  • Timberline Accounting
  • Microsoft Office Suite (including MS Project)
  • JD Edwards
  • Kronos
  • And others (there are many ways to integrate systems - just ask us how)


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